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A milestone in the history of electro-pop and post-punk music in Brazil! Finally gathered in a 12″ the two 7″ of the seminal band Agentss, ground zero of Brazilian post-punk. Originally released in ’82 and ’83, until now these recordings were only available in their original format. Their members were key figures of the São Paulo underground, after the band split-up they went to create important bands such as Voluntários da Pátria, Azul 29, Violeta de Outono, and Mumia. The track “Agentes” was included in the Não Wave (Brazilian Post Punk 1982-1988) compilation released by Man Recordings in 2005. The release comes with an insert featuring unpublished photos and texts telling the story of the band. A milestone in the history of electro-pop and post-punk music in Brazil. Agentss was a seminal band that recorded only two singles, did few shows and imploded. It’s no exaggeration to compare their debut show with the famous Sex Pistols concert in Manchester, when approximately 50 people that left the place with the idea of starting their own band. The band’s sound was a transitional one. Part of what is perceived as post-punk is actually pre-punk (including bands as Suicide, Chrome, Cabaret Voltaire, and This Heat) and we could draw comparisons of Agentss with the initial Ultravox (John Foxx era), the albums by guitarist Snakefinger produced by The Residents and the experimental early Devo.

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