ABADDON – Jarocin ´84 – LP


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Polish hardcore punk band formed in 1982 as Partyzantka Miejska (Urban Guerilla). Soon after they changed their name to Abaddon. In 1985 their song “Kto?” was included on “Fala” compilation. About that time the band played a short tour in Yugoslavia. Money earned on that tour was used to finance a recording session in Ljubliana. Their debut album “Wet za wet” was released in 1986 on LP in France only (the Polish edition came out in 1991). Abbadon split up in 1987 after Kiki left the band but in the following year they played few occasional shows with the new vocalist Cymes. This is their 1984 set from the most famoust Eastern European festival Jarocin. Gatefold cover, deluxe edition. First press.

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