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In 1982 they made the first recording of the song “Nitad”. The band considered that first version a rough demo, but it was this version that got broadcast on Swedish national radio, which led to instant “fame” for the band. The song is also noteworthy as it captures the Swedish D-beat trend in a nutshell. Together with Anti Cimex, Moderat Likvidation was the first Swedish band to pick the beat up, and use it on many of their tracks, although Moderat Likvidation never totally went into the D-beat genre, staring themselves blind at Discharge as many others, but tried to stick to the development of their own sound as well. Nevertheless, “Nitad”, when it came, was the fastest, most brutal D-beat song recorded in Sweden, and Europe.

After their breakthrough with “Nitad”, the band recorded and released the self-titled 7″ EP Moderat Likvidation, later commonly referred to as the “Nitad EP”, since the first song on the EP was the rerecorded version of the song (even faster it may be added). The EP was released on their own label Kuknacke Records.

In the beginning of summer 1984, the band broke up as a result of inner conflicts and turmoil. Fjalle and Cliff dabbled together in Black Uniforms for a while.

This compilation album has everything Moderat Likvidation had recorded up to that date. This is the repress from 2001 on yellow vinyl with red splatter. Increibly hard to find nowadays.

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