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This is Decontrol from Philadelphia. US HC/Punk with a bit of UK Punk influence.
Decontrol was started by Adam Bomb Avery in 1979 as a two-man punk band who’s sole mission was to cause havoc at local parties and gigs. Adam played a hybrid guitar/bass and the other guy just yelled a lot. They tried to be as offensive as possible as a reaction to the stupid time period they were trapped in. They played behind a plastic screen to deflect all the bottles and stuff thrown at them, which was a lot of stuff, and well-deserved!
In 1980, some actual talented musicians, Richie Birch (guitar) and Keeth (drums) joined with Adam to take Decontrol to the next level. They became very well known in the Philadelphia scene, and played many great gigs at places like the Punk Fests, Love Hall, and the East Side (and West Side) Clubs in Philly, along with numerous forays into AC, DC, and NYC.
They released their first lp (this) in 1985, which was recorded at Samson Studios at 13th and Samson Streets, which was also their hangout. NM/NM

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