DISAPPOINTMENTS – Better You Than Me – Used 7″ (WHITE)


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Punk/Hardcore band from Muskegon, Michigan, USA. Some members also played as a touring band for GG Allin in 1989. The Disappointments were a real obscurity, and if not for their association with GG Allin they would probably be one of the most under the radar ’80s hardcore bands to ever exist.
Not much info about this band online, other than they were from Michigan, and released this insane 21-song ep on Ice Pick Production Records in 1987. The music is hard to describe. It’s absolutely frantic, deranged, fast hardcore punk with tempo changes all over the place. Like a faster and more psychotic version of Neos, with a crazed vocalist that kinda sounds like the guy from Violent Tumor (actually the music reminds me a bit of Violent Tumor at times), and even Denunzio from the ’87 Infest demo, with back up vocals in the vein of Jello from Dead Kennedys. If this came out today it would probably be thrown under the banner of powerviolence, as it is this must have floored people in ’87.
All copies were on white vinyl labeled as The Disappointments on the cover, but the labels read Elvis Roy and The Disappointments. Band members were Elvis Roy, B. Paingle, T. Rick and Mark.

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