KONSTANTIN UNWOHL – Im Institut Für Strömungstechnik – LP


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Hamburg based producer and performer Konstantin Unwohl’s first release for Aufnahme + Wiedergabe builds nicely on the melodic wave sounds he has previously released. Located somewhere between the minimalism of classic synthpop and contemporary minimal sounds, the music on Im Institut Für Strömungstechnik uses straightforward melodies and arrangements to spotlight Unwohl’s own voice. Highlight “Ich Wollte Nie Museumsbauer Werden” shows the power of this approach, as a speedy double kick and pinchy bass sequence establish a mood of urgency, with Unwohl’s distinctive baritone playing out on top amongst emotional pads. That track’s emotion isn’t unique to the album, as on the slight and simple synth-ballad “Amarillo” Unwohl explores a similar feeling of loss and longing, ramping up his delivery when required to really drive home the mournful tone. Closing track “Auf Einem Hügel” splits the difference somewhat, layering in solid rhythm section bounce and a rich bed of reverbs, fluttering synths and synth strings for alternately desperate and despairing vocal passages. Unwohl’s successes stem from not playing the solemn affect this style of music is often given to, and instead performing with a sense of incisive sincerity.

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