ILSA GOLD – Euter Of Vienna – LP


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In early 1993 Christopher Just, artist and record dealer, and party organizer Peter Votava met amidst the emerging Austrian Techno scene. Under the moniker Ilsa Gold they soon published their first EPs “I” and “II” containing early Rave classics such as “Up” or “Silke” which promoted them to the Frontpage Magazine‘s charts’ top. This most remarkable Austrian Techno act gained attention due to the unusual sampling of people like Peter Cornelius or Karel Gott combined with harsh Techno and Hardcore music that never lacked of musical skills or wit. Sharp, self-deprecating humour criticising the Rave scene’s and some of its supporters’ squalidness (keyword: drug abuse), the foundation of their own label, the establishment of legendary Ilsa Gold parties and last but not least their unconventional presentation that even led to the formation of the persiflage-band Sons Of Ilsa were only a few of Ilsa Gold‘s missions before they officially split up in 1996.

This 12″ released by Aufnahme + Wiedergabe in 2019 is limited to 500 copies.

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