V.A. – Novi Punk Val / Lepo Je… – 2 x LP


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This is an amazing labour of love. This package contains 2 LPs, 2 HUGE booklets for those LPs, one 7″ and postcards. It´s simply massive!

The two compilations are:

Novi Punk Val 78-80 is one of the best Punk compilations in the world. No doubt about it. It contains literally all the main punk bands from late 70s that played in Yugoslavia. Pankrti, Problemi, Prljavo Kazaliste, Paraf, Buldogi, Berlinski Zid, Termiti and Grupa 92. Since punk spread from northwest eastwards and southwards, all these bands come from that part of the country (Slovenia and Croatia). These songs marked an era in that country. Songs like Vjeran Pas (Termiti), Narodna Pjesma (Paraf) or Lublana Je Bulana (Pankrti) have been sung by generations of Yugo punks.

Lepo Je… shows Slovenian Punk scene just a couple of years later. These 5 bands are the second generation of Slovenian punk (Buldogi were actually on the other compilation as well). Kuzle, Indust-Bag, Buldogi, Lublanski Psi and Sund. 21 songs of great Slovenian Punk.

In addition to these two LPs there a 7″ by the Slovenian band Buldozer. While not strictly punk per se, definitely an avantguarde band that embraced the punk attitude.

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