THE DIVIDED – World You´re Living In – LP


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The Divided make their LP debut with this 10 song ripper, all killer no filler. A pure throw back to the early Bonecrusher days with Raybo on the microphone, and a go for the jugular musical attack. 100% awesome, with cover art by the iconic lensman Edward Colver. With ten tracks total this rollercoaster ride of savage punk is over far too soon! Luckily “World You’re Living In” is highly addictive and you’ll find yourself flipping this record over and over again.Besides the graphical difference between the European and American version of this record, the more notable difference is the difference in the tracklist. Because where track eight and nine on Contra Records’ version are “No Hope” and “Madness”, track eight and nine on Hostage Records’ version are “Until The End” and “Let’s Get It On” – forcing you to get at least one of each. 100% worth it though, because with tracks like “Hitman Blues”, “In My Eyes”, “World You’re Living In”, “Voodoo Doll”, “Suicide”, “For Your Sins” and “Suffer” this record is absolutely phenomenal! Must-have!

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