BARBIE ARMY – Barbies Don´t Bleed (Retrospective 1986-1990) – LP + 7″ (RED)


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This is some exciting news here! Back in 1986 Barbie Army was making its first steps on Chicago underground scene. At all times an all-girl band, Barbie Army was a wild, loud and defiant bunch of damsels that honed their skills playing both DIY punk venues as well as the Chicago Blues circuit. Featured in Maximumrocknroll in 1987, Barbie Army was able to merge influences ranging from female doo wop bands to punk´n´roll bands like X to punk bands of pop sensibilities like the Fastbacks, and they made that style their own. 19 songs, that obviously could not fit just an LP, is their whole discography. Comes with an 8 page full-sized booklet and an extra 7″ with its own cover.

This is the limited edition where both the LP and the 7″ are on RED vinyl and the 7″ comes with a special cover. There are 4 different covers, one for each Jean, Judy, Tina or Mary and they´re equally split among the copies. While you can´t pick a cover (meaning that you´ll get either Jean, Judy, Tina or Mary picked at random) if you want all four get in touch and we´ll give you a special deal.

For those ordering more than just this, the postage doesn´t change for one more LP or 3 more 7″s.

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