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Post-punk reminiscent of JOY DIVISION on the one hand due to the dark nature with the reverberation on the voice, on the other hand bass and drums drive with distorted guitar like EATER and WIRE.

The Yugoslavs began in 1979 as a quartet under the moniker of RADIO 4 and from 1981 only acted as a trio as PINGVINOVO POTPALUBLJE.

The A-side contains an excellent live recording from 1982 of the Yugoslav YURM festival. On the B-side are the band’s only five studio songs, recorded in 1982 on their own and with a keyboard.

Despite national fame and appearances with international bands, further recordings from 1983 with trumpet and saxophone were not completed until the dissolution in 1984 and were never officially released.

A great contemporary document of the past musical underground in today’s Croatia.

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