BLOOD – False Gestures For A Devious Public – LP


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Formed within the sound of the Charlton FC terraces, they soon became the success of the Oi music genre, that great sonic punk movement of the eighties. Oi was the perfect antidote to the grim blandness of new wave, and THE BLOOD were it’s major craftsmen.
Originally known as Coming Blood, the band first made harmonious noises in 1982, and began their assualt on the establishment, or whoever needed their arses kicked. They soon graduated from the infamous Oi Chartbuster Albums and hit out on their own, looking for victims for their new brand of musical skullduggery.
The essence of the band was frivolity, football style anthems and some very provocative lyrics. Their goal was to do everything to wind-up absolutely everyone, which they easily did with great humourous dexterity.
With their landmark single, Meglomania, and album, False Gestures For A Devious Public, THE BLOOD shocked Britain with their quips and actions of spendidly good taste.
This, their first album, is the recent reissue on Mad Butcher Classics.

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