BLITZ – Time Bomb Early Singles And Demos Collection – LP


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A pure shot of abrasive punk/rock ‘n’ roll with a hint of working class Oi!, Blitz were among the most influential punk bands ever.
No Future 001 (and Blitz’s debut release) was a 4-track EP titled All Out Attack, a 20,000-copy bestseller that made the label’s fortune, later to become the most representative of the whole UK82 movement.
Its follow-up, Never Surrender, reached number 2 on the Indie charts, while their 3rd EP, Warriors, showed their slight move towards the sing-a-long style of classic Oi!.
Before shifting to a more new wave-influenced vein towards the end of 1983, they managed to reach number 2 on the charts with their fourth and last ‘punk’ single, “New Age”.
This 1980-1983 complete retrospective features all four aforementioned singles along with their very first recording session from 1980, the legendary Time Bomb demos, and 4 cuts from the Voice Of A Generation demos!
(Radiation Reissues)

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