BARSE – They Said It Couldn’t Happen Here… And It Didn’t! – LP (WHITE)


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Previously known as Barse 77, if these snotty British punks dropped the 77 from their name to take a break from aping the sounds and styles of our royal first generation of punk, no-one told them! In short “They said it couldnt happen here” is punkrock through and through. While some bands are motivated to move music forward and stamp their own style into musical history, Barse are content to carry on resurrecting the attitudes and noise of 1977, sounding remarkably similar to the bands, like the Art Attacks, and Snivelling Shits ,that formed weeks after seeing the Pistols and Buzzcocks for the first time. What’s more, in spite of fashion and trends, barse sound like their having an absolute blast and that, my friends is punk fucking rock!! Enjoy!
On WHITE vinyl!

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