BERNAY´S PROPAGANDA – Na To Igrisce Ne Smem – LP (Can. Import)


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This band from Macedonia has been out there on the scene quite a while creating a name for themselves with their melodic post punk with engaged often very political lyrics. This is their fifth full length record that came out on Canadian label Ill In The Head Records.

The album consists of nine songs being the previous unreleased tracks, music for theatres and remixes. The band changed their sound slightly on the previous album because they changed the real drummer and now they operate with drum machine and they changed their sound in more electronic way now sounding like a modern version of the 80´s electro pop acts. The lyrics are in Macedonian language and as before, pretty politically engaged and straightforward. The overall feeling that I get while listening to the record is very dark although the music flows relatively light with nice melodic vocals and electronic rhythms varying from Depeche Mode and New Order style stuff to more pop and light song structures. This is a music that can be a perfect soundtrack for political uprising but it can also be the music for dancing at home while having a party. Sealed. Canadian import.

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