I REFUSE IT! – Cronache Del Videotopo – DLP


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Double LP for this discography release dedicated to one of the most interesting bands from the Italian HC/Punk scene. While on one side that band was fully integrated in the burgeoning Italian HC/Punk scene, with their “Nuove Dal Fronte” fanzine (later renamed to “GDHC”) and Belfagor records label (CCM, Chain Reaction, Putrid Fever, Declino, Lanciafiamme,…) on the other, musical and lyrical side, they stuck out like a sore thumb. Musically, their HC/Punk, or whatever you want to call it, was experimental, dark, unusual, contrasted to the fast and furious musical expression of their peer bands like CCM, Lanciafiamme, Putrid Fever, War Dogs,… Lyrically, they were political and critical, but often turning the critique inwards, to the same scene they were part of.

I Refuse It! was a band of its own kind and this discography release puts together all their releases: split tape with CCM called Permanent Scar, the first 7″ released on Attack Punk side label Toto┬┤ Alle Prese Coi Dischi, both 12″s M and Mind The Gap and the split LP with Ultima Thule. Double LP. Lots of photos on two inner sleeves, plus lyrics and biography on the trifold insert.

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