ED WARNER – Ruins Of Nations – LP (white!)


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Ed Warner is a four-piece hardcore punk band from Tours, France formed back in 2011. Ruins Of Nations LP is their third album and they are playing their version of very abrasive hardcore punk mixed with a lot of influences taken from various underground scenes such as powerviolence, crust punk or d-beat. However they’re much more in control of their music unlike the rest of the bands who are mixing plain hardcore punk with other much more extreme genres and with quality production for the hardcore punk standards, Ruins of Nations LP outstands most of the newer records in the genre. Speaking of music itself, Ed Warner delivers something for each and everyone, just don’t expect some calm melodies and relaxing tunes. Ruins Of Nations LP is full of energetic riffs, fast rhythms and hysterical vocals full of rage which will force you to replay this record over and over again. Ed Warner are changing their rhythms and tempos all the time, it really brings freshness on a scene where bands can be so repetitive as some genre revival approaches. On white vinyl!

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