DRAIN – California Cursed – LP (YELLOW)


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The band’s sound is both old and new — the tough street grit of New York hardcore paired with the tasteful gloss of ’80s thrash metal. Intro “Feel the Pressure” sets this pace right away; it’s like picking up a seashell, listening, and only hearing a guitar’s dive bomb. You hear the group’s passion and anger, which glow in the California sunshine.

California Cursed is the result of a vivacious mix of DIY Punk, Metalcore and contemporary Hardcore however there is still a clear influence from older Hardcore and adjacent bands from their native California such as Black Flag, Spazz and Suicdal Tendencies. While the record is a great amalgamation of Drain’s career so far, the band have transcended this and return a different band – stronger, heavier and better than ever. The band themselves say “It took us a few years of just jamming together and playing shows to figure out what we really wanted to sound like”.

On color vinyl. Sealed!

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