ARTISTIC DECLINE – Random Violence – LP


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Artistic Decline, 1982-1987, was a Los Angeles band that debuted with the highly coveted 7″ Andy Warhol in 1983 on New Underground records. The album that followed was 4 years in the making and when it finally came out in 1987 it contained 26(!!!) songs. Artistic Decline, loved by Flipside, MRR and Jello Biafra, had a varied sound that spaced from mid tempo punk to fast hardcore, but never generic and always superbly performed. Closest comparisons that come to mind would be Circle Jerks, Minutemen, Adolescents, Code Of Honor,… The reissue comes with new foldout insert containing lyrics, photos, flyers and notes about the band from band guitarist´s perspective.

300 copies and black and 50 on blue. This is the edition on black.

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