BOTOX RATS – Modern Caesars – LP (color!)


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The Botox Rats from London, England are both beautiful and decadent; and indulge all of our inner perversions through rock’n’roll. Taking bits of first wave punk, glam, and a retarded reverence for Johnny Thunders, Modern Caesars is a throwback to the seedier side of life in the rock n roll scene. The kind of record that would be cranked at a bar where rats run rampantly across the floor, the trannys blend in with the locals and last call only means, ‘how much time do I have to make to the liquor store before they close’. The lurid soundtrack to those hazy booze filled benders that felt right at the time. Fans of the Dead Boys, Saints, Slade, Radio Birdman and New York Dolls will dig. LP LIMITED TO 500 SWIRLY COPPER LOOKING VINYL WITH DELUXE PRINTED INNER DUST SLEEVE! LP ALSO COMES WITH FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD CARD!!

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