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G-ANX was a legendary Hardcore, Punk, Grindcore band from Sweden, the band roughly existed from 1983 / 1984 till 1992, saddly they are still on hiatus, but some members are playing in the Doom, Crust band COUNTERBLAST. Early G-ANX stuff sounded more like Punk, Punk Rock but later it changed into aggressive, fast Hardcore, Grind style, sudden tempo changes, great melodies, tragic “ballads” and even some few Reggae influences made (and still make) this band outstanding amongst all this “legendary” Eighties / Early Nineties Punk, Hardcore, Crust bands.

G-ANX released three EP´s, a split EP with FILTHY CHRISTIANS from Sweden and the “Flashbacks” CD on SOUND POLLUTION, USA which featured two extra songs.

Incomplete Discography:
# G-ANX / FILTHY CHRISTIANS – Split 7″ EP (1988)
# “Far Out” 7″ EP (1989)
# “Masterpeace” 7″ EP (1990)
# “Out Of Reach” 7″ EP (1993)
# “Flashbacks” CD (1993)

Already the second vinyl pressing of this great discography, all material basically is taken from the “Flashbacks” CD (side A – C) and as bonus you can find eleven raw and aggressive demo / rehearsal sonx recorded from 1984 – 1986 on side D (carefully restored from the original master tape but not remixed or remastered to feature the original Eighties Hardcore brutality).

Limited edition of 100 copies on 140 gram Milky Clear / Red Splatter vinyl, housed in a nice gatefold cover and with extra info sheet. To make this edition even more special an extra cover sheet is added: Black print on White cardboard !!!

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