HARRINGTON SAINTS – 1,000 Pounds Of Oi! – CD


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If you’re going to call your album 1,000 Pounds of Oi!, it better have a hell of a lot of oi on it. I’m happy to report that it does. You’ll hear classic influences like Cock Sparrer, Cockney Rejects and the Oppressed. The title track opens the record with “They called us thousand pounds of oi!/When we first hit the stage”.  The majority of the record is political. “Red State” and “Fremont Train” take aim squarely at conservative America. As a matter of fact, “State of Emergency”, “Broken Windows”, “Now More Than Ever” and “Rise Up” are all calls to action. Harrington Saints are certainly more left leaning than many of their street punk peers. Limited edition on YELLOW vinyl!

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