RATOS DE PORAO – Sistemados Pelo Crucifa – CD


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This album is so cool I’m not even sure where to begin… I guess at the beginning… 17 years ago R.D.P. released their first album “Crucificados Pelo Sistema”. It was recorded all in one day and may have been the first hardcore record ever to come out of South America. It was a good record but limited by the band’s inexperience and the recording technology available to them. Ten albums, an almost complete turnover in band personnel and practically two decades later the band still saw it as one of their defining achievements. So they decided to re-record it with modern technology and their more brutal contemporary sound. “Sistemados Pelo Crucifa” is the result. Yep, a soon to be quintessential interpretation of an already established classic. If you only know R.D.P. from their metal crossover days, you don’t have a clue what they sound like now, or for that matter what they sounded like in 1983. They are a heavy and venomous hardcore powerhouse. Fast, brutal and raw best describe their sound. They have ever bit of the passion and force of the current crop of power violence acts.. as is made abundantly evident on this CD. Gotta love it.

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