G.I. AND THE IDIOTS – Fascinating Word Of Garbage 1985-1996 – Tape


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GEORGE IMBECILE AND THE IDIOTS could have shared stages with any number of high profile ’80s hardcore bands – the irreverent approach utilized by bands like THE STUPIDS, ADRENALINE O.D. and DEAD KENNEDYS shines on this 1986 release. “This Time For Real” and “Bury Yourself” are legit scorchers with shrill teenage vocals (and an occasional shrill trumpet), while “Nine Years In Service” combines that manic chaotic thrash attack with a warped guitar that modern day noise punks would die for. Most of the tape falls basically in line with the feisty skate punk of the era – not taking themselves too seriously but clearly serious about partying hard and playing fast. Listen to “Uncivilized” – a perfect marriage of snotty US hardcore and driving UK82 punk…and the guitar intro is absolutely unparalleled. But G.I.+THE IDIOTS were from Philippines, so they never shared a stage with JFA or DESCENDENTS, even though they were more than worthy. Still sealed. Basement Records.

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