WISEGUY – Pull the Cup – 7″


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Wiseguy was a punk-rock-and-roll outfit hailing from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Forming in 1995, the band consisted of Joe Caine (bass), Roscoe (guitar and vocals), Roadend (drums) and El Pino (guitar and vocals) until they split up a decade later. The band released just one 7″ and one full album during the ten years they existed, but gained a lot of acclaim with their blend of punkrock, rock & roll, and stoner rock, dubbing it sleaze rock. Wiseguy has toured and performed with, among others, The Apers, Peter Pan Speedrock, American Heartbreak, The Dickies, Hellride and The Turbo A.C.’s. El Pino would later go on to form El Pino and the Volunteers.

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