DELIVER – Lack Of Resistance – 7″ (Picture Disc)


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With their 2nd EP “Lack of Resistance”, they fire with new ammunition at the world and deliver the strike out that they deserves! 4 songs full of energy, hooks and lyrical rebellion. These are the new anthems of rebellion for all fans of Earth Crisis, Final Prayer and the lyrical honesty of Unbroken. The music and the message – this is Hardcore! DLVR kills!
Some of DELIVER are very well known characters in the music scene. Consisting of ex-members of Crisis Never Ends and Comecloser they don’t give much about of how the so-called worldwide “democracy” at the present time is designed. They don’t believe in a scene where clothes, tattoos, hairstyles and shoes are more important than the message or the song of the band. They stand for leftwing attitude and want everyone to share their believes.

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