BLADE – Lambs To The Slaughter – 7″


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Musically, these guys are all about hard hitting, haunting and dark hardcore. The main influence for Blade is the infamous Clevo sound with bands like Ringworm and Integrity. Another part of their sound comes from ‘90’s straight edge bands. Add a dash of Earth Crisis, Judge and All Out War and you might get an idea of how Blade launches an attack on your senses. Actually, it would safe to say that everything that is hardcore has shaped these guys. The lyrics are definitely straight edge and it is important to all the band members. The 5 members of this band take this band and its music very seriously.
They’ve shared the stage and formed friendships with bands such as True Colors, Justice, Morda, The Setup, Verify, No Recess, Morda, The Dying, Human Demise (NL), No Turning Back (NL) , Risky Business (US), Palehorse (US) and Down To Nothing (US).
4 new songs and beautiful cover artwork!

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