GODS AND QUEENS – Untitled # 3 – 7″


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Every so often you get a band who’s pretty forthright about what they’re doing. The Brooklyn/Bethlehem/Philly combo Gods and Queens spell it out in their bio: “Trying in vain to blatantly steal riffs and song patterns from some of our favorite bands, like Hoover, Rodan, Angels of Light, June of 44, Lowercase, Spaceman 3, Lungfish, and lastly, the best band to have graced the planet earth, UNWOUND …but failing on every attempt.” That about sums it up — their self-titled 7″ is a caustic, slightly noisy and unsettling showcase of the more obscure 1990s bands lifting the slightly Dischord-esque, Touch and Go-leaning sound (see also: Fugazi, Big Black). Limited to 300 copies.

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