VIVISICK / TROPIEZO – split – 7″


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VIVISICK, if you weren’t aware are some fucking crazy hyper-punks from Tokyo, Japan who have put just a few releases in the past. They have three tracks of fun, out-of-control, manic punkrock on this side of the split, the first being Kaleidoscope which sounds like an insane game show theme song. I love their psychotic pace and oddball polka beats. VIVISICK’S lyrics, as always, are sociopolitical and almost a touch poetic. These cats are a good time.
TROPIEZO hail from Puerto Rico and are in stark contrast to the VIVISICK side of the split. They’re music is so tight it’s almost like Math Rock but at thrashcore speeds. One of the first things you also notice is the LOS CRUDOS influence on these guys but they definitely have their own identity. The guitar and bass runs are really tight and the drums are triggered so they really pop in the mix. TROPIEZO, lyrically is also a bit more personal and existential than political dealing with misery, alienation, boredom, etc. Apparently these guys are pretty prolific but this is the first chance I’ve had to check them out.
The seven inch has a full-color sleeve with lyrics and band info printed on the reverse side. It also includes a separate sheet with the English translations from the Japanese/Spanish. This split is fairly crazy and pretty fun to play, I suggest checking it out.

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